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Air cleaning plants

C LoComment

Over the years we've  had many requests for air purifying plants.  One of the most sought after plant for this purpose is the Sanseveria, aka, mother's in law tongue or snake plant.  The snake plant is extremely easy to care for.  It's long succulent leaves store a lot of water so it requires minimal watering.  The snake plant also adapts well to all sorts of lighting with the exception of direct sun.  No plants like to be in the direct heat all day.  It is also very insect resistant making it one of the easiest plants to care for.  

Other plants that share similar properties are pothos,  peace lily, spider plants to name a few.  We almost always have these plants stocked in our store, but do call ahead to avoid disappointment. Sometimes we dp run out and may take a few weeks to get new ones in.

Healthy home = Healthy life!  Purify your home with plants that not only look good, but makes you feel good.