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Just in - Zamiculas, Cylindrical sanseveria and more!

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This week we are featuring a few easy to care for tropical plants.  In full supply are Zamiculas, Cylindrica Sanseveria , myrtle topiaries, and pole pothos.

Zamiculas - aka ZZ plant is an extremely easy plant to care for.  It boasts a naturally glossiness on the leaves and a potato/rhizome like roots beneath the soil.  Very much like the Sanseveria, the ZZ plant likes to be pot bound, can tolerate lower light levels, and seldom watering.  This is a plant for those who are LAZY but still want to have some life in the home.  Neglect is the key for this splendid air purifying plant.

Cylindrical Sanseveria - another variety of the popular snake plant.  This plant prefers bright filtered light but can tolerate lower levels if acclimated properly.  The Sanseveria requires very little water and can go rootbound for a long period of time.  Its tall, thin leaves clumped together in the base makes for an interesting conversation piece.

Myrtle topiaries - I have only had success in these cute 'trees' very recently when I left them outside to grow.  They prefer a cool environment and consistently moist soil.  WARNING - DO NOT LET THE PLANT DRY OUT!  Let them grow out or groom them once a month if you prefer a more manicured look.   If you grow them inside, make sure there is plenty of air circulation and the room is relatively cool.  Because it needs to very watered frequently fertilize once a month with a diluted tropical plant fertilizer.

The pole pothos is also known for it's awesome air cleaning qualities.  It also does not direct sunlight making it a very good plant if you have filtered light coming into the room.  Let dry in between watering.  Cuttings can be rooted easily.  Note that this plant is a climber so if you don't want to have marks on your wall, best to buy a trellis for it climb on.

That's all for today!  Beautify your home with an air cleaning plant today!