Passion Floral

Burnaby and New westminster flower shop

Lots of tropical plants!

C LoComment

Here’s a list of plants that are available at the moment:

  • monstera split leaf - available in both 6 and 10 inch pots. Most sought after plant!

  • peperomia hope - very cute succulent like round leaves that trail

  • money tree

  • hanging pothos

  • hanging sugar vine

  • string of hearts aka rosary vine

  • jade plants

  • chinese coint plant aka pilea pepeomiodes

  • pilea watermelon

  • echeverias/succulents

  • hawaiian spider plants

  • fernwood snake plant

  • sanseveria boncel

  • sanseveria cylindrica

  • regular snake plant

  • sanseveria bird’s nest

  • hens and chicks - outdoor, all year round plant

  • oxalis aka shamrock

  • small fiddle leaf fig (coming next week)

Please call for availability. Some items sell out faster than others.

In fresh cut section, freesias, tulips and ranunculus are in season. Peonies will be available a little later, but they’re coming!