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aloe vera

Aloe vera and Haworthia have arrived

C LoComment

After weeks of sourcing out good quality Aloe vera, some finally made the cut!   If you haven't heard - Aloe veras are wonderful air cleaners, easy to care for and can be used for medicinal purposes from healing burns quickly, restoring hair growth, removing skin tags, etc.  

Another plant that we always have in stock are Haworthia.   A very hardy succulent that requires little care and does not get leggy if it doesn't get enough light.   

Hurry in before they run out!


So many plants, so little time!

C LoComment

I think I have been a bit obsessed with stocking the store with plants lately.   Plants bring so much life and energy to a home.   People - I do not mean fake no further if you are a plastic plant lover.  OK, for those who share as much enthusiasm as I do on real, living and breathing plants, I have good news for you!  I will be posting availability when a new shipment of plants come in. This week we have lots of echeverias, succulents, pothos, peace lily, moon cactus(grafted cactus) in stock.  Snake plants are in limited quantities - grab yours before they're gone!

Next week, a new shipment of Aloe vera both in 4 inch and 6 inch pots will be available.  We are also bringing in a fairly new plant called the Asplenium crispy wave fern.  If you have followed the latest rave on air cleaning plants, this is the plant to get to reduce toxins in the air.